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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U.S. Military to immigrants: Be part of the oppression to be a part of the dream!

Be part of the American oppression, and we will let you be part of the American dream! This is the message conveyed by the U.S. Military to all those immigrants who seek the U.S. nationality. The army will start recruiting skilled immigrants with a temporary visa, offering them citizenship within 6 months starting from the beginning of their service.
Once again, like in Vietnam and after September 11 the U.S. military-political establishment is taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of immigrants who leave their countries looking for a better future. This future absent from their own countries because of the international economic system imposed upon them by our modern time imperialism led by the U.S. and the industrialized countries in general. Even if we want to disregard this staggering fact, the measure still is perverse and twisted!
The simple fact of bribing these immigrants into entering an oppressive establishment as the military is by itself condemnable. The practice is not new, but it has taken a modern shape by recruiting only high skilled immigrants to be medics, translators or in the intelligence. This list may be extended in the future to recruit fighting soldiers, what is stopping them?
Moreover, this new measure stipulates that if the immigrant do not complete there service "honorably" (whatever that means) could loose their citizenship! which is a form of blackmailing adding to the perversion of this old-new army practice.
Finally, the veterans and the army will make sure that the allegiance of the immigrants will be stronger to the army than to the home country. One wonders how could that be verified?what methods will be employed? One thing could come to mind, the army will make sure to dissuade by all means (and why not terror and intimidation)the recruited immigrants into being more aligned with them than there original country. This might be done in order to prevent the infiltration of "spies and terrorists" into the army, as the veterans fear! Which reveals a discriminating mind of the establishment who sees every immigrant as a potential threat!
The U.S. government is taking advantage of the immigrants to push them into an oppressing establishment as the army under the pretext of integration and living the American dream! We could wonder whether these immigrants could have integrated the alleged dream through other means or through other places and positions in the society and public or private sectors?
Instead of recruiting immigrants into the army because of a shortage in skilled labor in order to operate in foreign countries, maybe the U.S. government should stop its imperialistic practices of waging wars, oppressing and invading other countries!

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