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Friday, February 27, 2009

The Counter NATO Summit-->The Mobilization begins!

The NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) will celebrate its 60th anniversary in Strasbourg (France) from the 1st to the 5th of April. Many Presidents will be present, amongst them will be Sarkozy and Obama...Well it doesn't seem that they will have a pleasent party! at least we should not let them!
Today I participated in a meeting called upon by the Collectif-Sud in Tolbiac university in Paris, its purpose is to mobilize people in order to go to Strasbourg and protest against the celebration of a disastor brought to humanity, and to organize a counter NATO summit in order to voice their vision of an alternative world. It was the first meeting that was held in the Parisian universities, the organizers were students and placed this event in the context of the anti LRU movement going on in France. They insert the movement in an overarching vision of society, an alternative to the neo-liberal way that Sarkozy advances, they claim their movement as a real society project which englobes the anti-war slogans, hence the protestation against the NATO summit.

The NATO is a military alliance created initially to face the Soviet bloc in Eastern Europe during the cold war. After the end of the cold war, the NATO countries refused to dissolve the organization and continued to be the mecanism by which the USA and its occidental allies impose their hegemony on the world and wage wars (Kosov
o and Afghanistan), and menacing many countries like Russia through the employment of a missile system near its European borders. A military organization cannot claim preserving peace! And the NATO cannot continue to exist by creating a ficitionnal enemy like terrorism, Iran or Russia, because the possibility of war exists only because the NATO country are profesizing it! The NATO has been only a danger to peace, and a threat to human lives and democracy. Moreover when a country joins the organization, it is supposed to be at a certain military and technological level, hence the Eastern European countries had to pay billions of dollars in order to be up to the level while social inequalities are staggering, and economic difficulties are hardly being handled. Many militants from around Europe are expected to march to Strasbourg, and many demonstrations are expected to take place around the world in order to protest against NATO, t
he occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The French and European authorities are expected to take extreme security measures which migh be the following: more than 15000 security men are to be deployed, the closing of the Schengen area, the creation of at least two security zones in the city, the closing of schools and the market, in short there will be no space for a democratic protest unless it is 10km away from the NATO meeting!
Facing those fierce security measures there will be an international peace conference held by the militants in Strasbourg, an alternative village will be co
nstructed, and an international demonstration on the 4th of April.
Each individual is concerned! wherever you are organize collectives to demonstrate and protest in you countries against this imperialist organization! If you were in Europe then come to Strasbourg to show those war-presidents a nightmare!

The world is facing a dangerous financial and economic crisis, millions are going to be unemployed: while social budgets are shrinking, military and defence budgets are constantly rising! While people are starving and being impoverished, governments are spending tons of money to buy arms and missiles to use them on defenseless population and to commit mass murders!
Join the movement in Strasbourg and elsewhere in the world to sabbotage the NATO warlords summit and show the world that an alternative is possible!

In order to be informed about the mobilizations and how can you participate and go to Strasbourg: 

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