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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Facility 1391: Israel's Guantanamo Bay

The United Nation Committee against torture identified a secret Israeli detention center called Facility 1391, it is described as Israel's Guantanmo Bay and even worse! It may come as a surprise to some who consider Israel as a  democracy surrounded by the Arab totalitarian desert. Well Israel did it: it has succeded to reach the level of brutality, totaliarianism of the Arab regimes. Maybe the Jordanian and Egyptian regimes and others have recieved training from the Israeli torture experts, one never knows!
Facility 1391 is a secret prison unknown to the United Nations, the Internation Red Cross has never accessed it, no inspection was ever done. The facility is held underground, prisoners never know where they are, and when asked the Israeli wardens reply: you are on the moon! The most brutal torture and abuses of Human rights are practiced in this hell hole. "According to the testimonies of the Palestinian cousins, Mohammed and Bashar Jadallah, they were held in isolation cells measuring two metres square, with black walls, no windows and a light bulb on 24 hours a day. On the rare occasions they were escorted outside, they had to wear blacked-out goggles. (from
 According to the testimony of Mohammed Jadallah, 23, he was repeatedly beaten, his shackles tightened, he was tied in painful positions to a chair, he was not allowed to go to the toilet and he was prevented from sleeping, with water thrown on him if he nodded off. Interrogators are also reported to have shown him pictures of family members and threatened to harm them.
Much more secret facilities, and concentration camps may be in the Zionist state. After all zionim is not much different than Nazism. Apparantly, the zionist victims of the holocost have acquired skills from their former wardens.
Moreover, investigations revealed that the USA may have smuggled many prisoners to Israel (as it did with other fraternal regimes in the region such as Mubarak's) in order to recieve "special treamtents".
This discovery is another proof to Israel's commitment to racism, violation of Human Rights and totalitarian practices. After all, following the buliding the largest concentration camp in the world, which is the siege of Gaza, it is only natural for the Zionist states to build secret detention center in order to subjugate the Palestinian.
Once more Zionists show that their state is another version of oppression suited more to the "free world", modernity and market liberal value. A version that would caress the Western bad conscience complex... The free world can rest assured, Israel is a "democracy", and the facilty 1391 is secret, and i bet that it is only to prevent another holocost from occuring!

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