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Sunday, June 7, 2009

It will take you more than quoting verses from the Quran to change Muslims’ views on the US

I invite you to read an excellent analysis written by Comarade Dalal about Obama's speach in Cairo on the 4th of January. Comrade Dalal goes through Obama's words and rhetoric in a very critical manner, thus undressing it from it's fancy liberating dress. Great work Comarade!
To read the article click on this!


  1. Thank you comrade:) I really appreciate it.
    i'm glad people liked it and responded to it. It took me a lot of energy and time. I skipped dinner and slept really late last night to finish it on time.
    And I admit that Obama is a good speaker! A huge contrast between him and the idiot George Bush! I'm more willing to sit and listen to him speak than I was with Bush! Although they are both American Presidents, but at least you can analyis a speech by Obama.


  2. Energy well invested!
    many people said even before his elections, that not much will change..after all he is part of the establishment. if he reached power through elections it means that he is no danger for the system...


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