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Sunday, January 24, 2010

What Happened at the Egyptian Embassy in Beirut: the shame of the Lebanese Army

I am writing this post to testify on one thing, and one thing only: Lebanese Police and Army Brutality!

The leftist forces organized a sit in on saturday 23rd of January in front of the Egyptian embassy to protest against the wall being build by the Egyptian Regime on the borders of Gaza. This wall that is suffocating the people of Gaza and the resistance. Therefore Mubarak's regime shows one more time that it is the number one ally and collaborator with Israel in order to crush down the Palestinian Resistance and to kill the people of Palestine.

I went to the sit in, I and another couple of hundred of leftists refusing the collaboration of ALL Arab regimes with Israel (discreetly or indiscreetly). We were there, carrying our Palestinian flags and wearing our koufyias. Our only weapons were our chants and will to join the Palestinian people in their struggle against occupation. However we were faced with hundred of policemen, Army men and secret service agents who were enjoying taking our pictures.

It was predictable and normal, the oppressive security forces were protecting the egyptian embassy, the symbol of Mubarak's dictatorship in Lebanon. The Army was awaiting us, they were waiting for any single incidence in order to show their brutality and leash out on us with sticks, boots and machine guns.

So it happened: we tried to get through the barriers set by the army, they didn't resist, they didn't try to control the situation, they didn't spray us with water like they usually do...No, they ran on us brutally and powerlessly, thus they await for defenseless birds to hit.

They beat whoever they could reach (mostly young women), they took the defenseless protesters put them on the ground, stepping on them with their boots, hitting them with their machine guns and sticks. The army men were shouting, swearing, angry like hell (maybe they have marital problems). The Army of oppression didn't spare me: while i was backing away, i saw a couple of Army men knocking a young women on the ground, beating her brutally in any possible way they could. So i stopped and shouted at the Army cowards :"what is the wrong with you beating her like this??" so he took his rifle and hit me with it on the jaw, then with his stick, until a comrade and friend pulled me away.

What i have been through was nothing compared to what other comrades have been through: some of them saw their heads bleeding, other wounded in other parts of their body, one female comrade was hit on her spine making her unable to walk. The army brutality didn't prevent us from continuing our protest..we held our ground, we continued chanting and stayed...

Once again the Lebanese Army and political forces demonstrated their acts of shame. they showed us that they are powerless, because they show their "strengths" only by beating up defenseless protesters. They beat us because we don't a have a sectarian militia protecting us, because they know that almost all of Lebanese media are all accomplices in the sectarian and racist system guarded by the Lebanese Army and the Security Forces!

The Lebanese TV Media neglected what happened (except New Tv who told what really happened), they didn't even mention it (OTV- Aoun, Future TV Hariri), and if they did (MTV ) they portrayed the Army as the victims who were attacked and us as the victimizers.

We are not just facing Mubarak's regime and Israel, but we are facing the whole racist and sectarian system with its Army, Media and parties.. No matter what we will not withdraw, we will return to the Egyptian embassy, we will go to the parliament and target every symbol of this oppressive state.

For more information about what happened in the protest visit the blog of comrade farfahinne

photos by Jamouli

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