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Friday, December 11, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Live-in Domestic Workers in Lebanon

I am posting here a document that the International Labour Organization- Regional Office of the Arab States has produced in order to raise awareness on the issue of the rights and duties of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon.
As it is well know now, that the situation of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon( i.e. the women who come from Africa and South, South East Asia to work in the homes of Lebanese employers) is not at its best. Many of these women face abuse of all forms, they are mistreated, deprived from their basic human and workers' rights by their Lebanese employer, and no labour law exists in order to organize their labour and give them rights.
At the beginning of the year the Ministry of Labour in Lebanon issued a decree placing a unified contract for these workers giving them some rights and improving their legal status, however the decree should be enforced and monitored. it is an improvement but it is not enough.
I am posting this document in order to contribute to spreading awareness on the situation of these workers.

Frequently asked questions on women migrant domestic workers in Lebanon ILO Beirut Aug 31 09
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  3. C'est honteux que les travailleurs étrangers soient traités de cette façon au liban, il faut continuer à informer et à combattre ces patrons sans scrupules, comment je peux participer?


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